Link Reservations Inc gives your guests confidence to deliver credit card information, knowing the information they enter on a secured page is protected with an award winning secure technology.

Client Testimonial


“I’ve lost bookings because guests don’t want to give credit card details over the phone or e-mail – and then decide to book somewhere else through an OTA.”
Hotel manager

It’s funny to think that something so simple to use, immediately solved a long-term problem that’s been bothering me for years.
Hotel manager

Link Reservations Inc helps solve the problem by eliminating a critical booking barrier when we ask for credit cards.
Reservation manager



Save time for your staff, no need for phone calls etc.


Show your guests that you take their credit card information seriously and you do not want to put them at risk for scams.


Get more bookings from those who choose to go elsewhere when they need to send credit card information via email.


Who is this service for?
Any company that relies on online bookings can use the system. This isn’t a payment system, rather secure way to get credit card details from the customer to the Company.