Link Reservations Inc is here to help you make online reservations secure and effective for you and your clients.

Do you own a hotel? A restaurant? A spa? A banquet or conference hall? Do you want to get more customers to book your services?

Then we are here to help you do just that. No matter what type of business you own or what type of service you provide, our team of experts will enable you to boost your business by making the reservation process simpler, easier, efficient and completely hassle-free!

How We Can Help You

Online booking has become highly popular worldwide due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. Now your customers simply need to provide their credit card information via email or phone to book your services from anywhere in the world.

But can you assure that the transaction will always be safe and secure? No matter what, there is always a risk of someone accessing your emails and sensitive information without your knowledge.

This can eventually start affecting your business with potential customers opting out of sending valuable information by email. This is where we come in!

What We Do

Link Reservations Inc is dedicated to make the reservation process simpler and safer for you and your potential clients. We assure the confidentiality and security of each and every credit card processing. Our skilled team will empower you to provide affordable and secure online booking services to your customers around the globe.

What’s more? In case there is a cancellation of reservation, you will be able to offer an enhanced solution that will be beneficial for both you and your client. Your guests will have the peace of mind that their credit card information is safe and you will be confident about providing satisfactory services, even when there is a cancellation. Moreover, you will also be able to cater to those potential guests who do not prefer to send financial details over emails.

Receive more reservations, even from guests who might hesitate to provide credit card information through email or phone.
Allow your staff to perform better by saving time as there is no need for making phone calls, etc.
Create a strong reputation by showing your clients that you are serious about ther credit card details and have taken necessary precautions.
Gain customer confidence by protecting them from scams and frauds.


icon-1Get expert advice and excellent support whenever you need it.


At Link Reservations inc, we offer everything that you will need to make your customers feel secure about providing sensitive information online. We help you expand your business by enabling you to reach more clients and making the online reservation process more effective.